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Josh is the Director of Labour Together, a network of politicians, strategists, and thinkers working to develop Labour's vision for the future of the UK. He is based in Greater Manchester. 

Josh is a leading political thinker and organiser, who has worked on campaigns in the US and UK from presidential to local elections, advised MPs, Mayors, and councillors, and worked as a policy advisor in Parliament in the Leader of the Opposition’s Office. He was among the first whistleblowers to sound the alarm over antisemitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. Josh is currently a trustee of the Civic Power Fund, Engage Britain and New Economics Foundation, and previously worked at the Institute for the Future of Work, and the Institute for Public Policy Research.

Josh is also an academic and policy strategist. Josh is a Research Fellow at Harvard University, and his first book, Algorithms for the People: Democracy in the Age of AI, will be published in March 2023, based on his PhD which won the American Political Science Association Prize. Josh worked as a Visiting Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Facebook, an India-US Technology Policy Fellow at New America, and has published in the Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society (AIES), the Pennsylvania Journal of Law and InnovationBrookings, New AmericaColumbia Journalism ReviewProspect, and the New Statesman

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Rebuilding UK Democracy

Why fixing democracy and public integrity should be Keir Starmer's guiding mission

Data and Covid-19

Why the UK government’s approach to coronavirus modelling is dangerous

Algorithmic Accountability

Why the UK needs an Accountability for Algorithms Act

Labour and the Jewish Community

Labour must become a home for Jewish people again – it starts with listening

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