Josh Simons

Josh Simons is a PhD candidate at Harvard University

and a Labour activist based in Bury, Manchester.



Josh is currently writing a book about democracy and technology, which explores how democracies should regulate companies and government bodies who use data-driven technologies like machine learning and AI. Josh's research spans civil rights and equality policy; the application of competition and public law to big tech; and the use of mechanisms of participatory governance in tech design and corporate governance. Josh is a Research Fellow at Cambridge University, a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for the Future of Intelligence, and formerly a Graduate Fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Centre for Ethics, and a U.S.-India Technology Policy Fellow at New America.

​Josh is also a Labour Party activist and policy researcher based in Bury, Manchester. Josh has campaigned for Labour to rebuild trust with the Jewish community and works with local Jewish charities and organising groups. Josh is working on developing progressive infrastructure for digital campaigning and organising in the UK, as well as policy papers on algorithmic accountability, platform regulation, the future of work, and the UK Constitution after Brexit. Josh is a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Future of Work and previously worked for the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and as a policy advisor for the Labour Party in the UK Parliament. 




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Why the UK needs an Accountability for Algorithms Act

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Labour must become a home for Jewish people again – it starts with listening

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